Rebel with a Cause Honorees

了解更多世界杯app2023年获奖者的信息,他们将于2023年3月23日在Rebel with a Cause庆祝.

Knollwood Awards

Paula Bushey

Paula Robert Bushey '82 

Upon graduating from NDA, Paula Robert Bushey ’82 attended Stonehill College, graduating with a BS in Business Administration in 1986. She then began working in the insurance field as an underwriter at Health Plans, Inc. and then Allmerica Financial.  In 1995, she left the workforce to raise her children.  Over the years, she had part-time employment while primarily raising her daughter and three sons, and volunteering at her children’s schools and her parish, Blessed Sacrament. At Blessed Sacrament, she was a member of the choir, taught religious education, served on the Parish Council, was a eucharistic minister, and also supported many other events at the church. 

宝拉的家族患有遗传性肾病多囊肾病(PKD)。. Four of the five children in her family inherited this disease from her father. Her family was very active for many years in organizing the Walk for PKD held in Worcester at Blessed Sacrament Church.  All four of the children received living donor kidneys over the years. 宝拉于2011年9月16日通过配对捐赠接受了肾脏移植.  她的表妹把她的肾给了另一个接受者,这样宝拉就可以从另一个捐赠者那里得到一个肾. In this way, folks who do not have a direct match are able to receive kidneys by, so to speak, swapping with others.

After her transplant, 她的生活有了很大的改善,因为她现在有了精力去做自己喜欢的事情.  当她最小的儿子五岁时,她回到了ultrabenefies, Inc兼职工作. During the years since her transplant, she has been volunteering at UMASS to help others with living donor transplants, by assisting them with the process of navigating a search for a kidney. In addition, she returned to active volunteering at Blessed Sacrament, where she then became involved with the Mustard Seed Catholic Worker House located on Piedmont Street in Worcester. At the time, 她正在准备圣餐,圣餐是为芥末籽准备的. 随着时间的推移,她与芥末籽公司的关系越来越密切,并被邀请加入董事会.  Subsequently, she took on the role of Treasurer which she continues today, in addition to her weekly volunteering.  芥菜籽改变了她的生活轨迹,使她成为一名天主教徒.

Paula also decided to take on another project at the rotary at Newton Square.  This rotary was looking unkempt and disheveled, and she met a woman who shared her desire to spruce it up. They have now been maintaining this rotary for about 7 years, and are delighted by how much joy it brings to those who pass by.

她最近的志愿者经历是帮助一个刚从阿富汗来的家庭. Working with a group from Blessed Sacrament, Trinity Lutheran, and the organization of Ascentria, they have assisted the family with enrolling in school, receiving medical treatment, and adjusting to life in America. In the meantime, they have fallen in love with this family who has endured so much, yet remains full of joy as they resiliently start a new life in a new country, without the advantage of speaking the language. 

Who knows what the future will hold? 

Katherine Kelly '93

Kate Kelly ’93 moved to Western Mass to attend Mount Holyoke College after growing up in Worcester and attending Notre Dame Academy. Kate has now lived in Western Mass for 25+ years, with the exception of one year in inner-city Fresno, California in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC). As a young child, she was hospitalized frequently with severe asthma and, at the time, thought she wanted to go into medicine to help other kids someday. 在圣母院、霍利奥克山和JVC,她坚持自己的社会正义价值观. 她对医学的毕生兴趣使她获得了马萨诸塞大学阿默斯特分校的公共卫生硕士学位.

Kate Kelly

Kate worked at several city and town health departments and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for 10 years before becoming a Nurse Practitioner. The public health work focused first on creating policies to control tobacco sales to young people and to create smoke-free workplaces. 她还在地方和州公共卫生部门工作了5年,负责大流行的防范工作, 包括成为国家战略储备项目的助理主任. 她已经成为一名紧急医疗技术员,并在她的大学里成立了一个紧急医疗反应小组, 她还在晚上和周末为救护车服务,并成为一名五英尺高的消防员. It was very fulfilling to be a public servant in these ways.

In 2009, Kate returned to graduate school, heading back toward medicine with the goal of becoming a primary care provider. She attended an accelerated program to become a Registered Nurse, 随后在耶鲁大学护理学院获得了护理学硕士学位.  Most of Kate’s role models in Public Health had been nurses, and most of the problems she saw in her ambulance work were preventable, so becoming a Nurse Practitioner in primary care seemed like a great fit. In particular, she loves working with children and the constant focus on prevention in pediatrics led her to practice pediatric primary care initially for 7 years.  

During a 2+ year hiatus from primary care practice during the pandemic (due to a COVID-related lay-off in March 2020), 她运用了职业生涯早期的大流行防范技能和知识. She never thought that she would use the words “social distancing” in real life, 她很激动,也很荣幸能在那段可怕的时间里为她的社区提供帮助. 她是在公共卫生COVID疫苗接种应对工作的领导者在西部马在哪里, with a team from the Northampton Health Department, she ran clinics in over 40 locations and reached arms with over 50,000 COVID vaccine shots. Kate was the 2022 recipient of the Immunization Champion Award for Massachusetts, an honor reserved for one person in each state who has “made a significant impact and contribution toward improving public health in their community, through their work in adult and childhood immunizations,” according to the Association of Immunization Managers.

她为自己在诊所的工作感到自豪,这些诊所早期每天为近1000人接种疫苗. Kate is most humbled and proud of her work providing vaccines to the most underserved individuals living on street corners, in city parks, or in doorways. She made sure that her team was ready when vaccines were approved for younger children and was vaccinating young children and babies when the chain pharmacies and primary care offices could not. She loved vaccinating in creative settings with a focus on health equity, ensuring that her team reached people from all races, ages, and walks of life, as well as a diverse population of LGBTQIA+ folks. 

Kate recently returned to clinical practice and is happy to be back in pediatric primary care working with kids and their grown-ups. She plans to find a way to again combine her clinical practice and public health passions in future collaborative projects or policy work to improve the health of children and families in Massachusetts. For fun, she can be found out and about in Northampton, MA at various playgrounds with her own two elementary school-aged children and walking or hiking with her two dogs. At Notre Dame and Mount Holyoke she spent a great deal of time in art studios. 她仍然喜欢做艺术项目,从编织到陶器再到版画.

Society of the Arts

Olivia Goliger

Olivia Goliger '13

Throughout her teaching career, Olivia Goliger ’13 has carried the values of her Notre Dame community with her.  Currently, she teaches classes in American popular music and piano, while also directing the three Algonquin Regional High School choirs.  她还为两个学生经营的无伴奏合唱团提供建议,并且是ARHS秋季音乐剧的声乐总监.  

Choirs under her direction have won silver and gold medals at state festivals, traveled to Washington D.C.他曾为新英格兰作曲家和钢琴家迈克尔. Kregler, and performed at Symphony Hall. As a teacher, Olivia’s interests lie in advocating for quality music education for all, and in supporting women in music (especially her students!).

Outside of her work as an educator, Olivia has sung with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops since May 2019.  During her tenure with the BSO, she has recorded two symphonies with the orchestra, sung in dozens of Holiday Pops concerts, and sung in numerous residencies at Tanglewood in the Berkshires.

Olivia received her undergraduate degree in music education (concentrations in vocal performance and conducting) from Providence College, graduating in 2017 with honors.  In 2013, Olivia graduated from Notre Dame Academy, where she was the vice president of her class, class speaker, recipient of the Foundress Award, and part of all things musical and theatrical.  She has performed abroad with choirs in Ireland (2013), Austria and the Czech Republic (2015), and has co-presented and performed at two conferences for the National Association for Music Educators in Nashville (2014) and New Jersey (2017).  Currently, 奥利维亚正在攻读弥赛亚大学的合唱指挥硕士学位, focusing on the representation of women’s voices in choral music repertoire.

Rachel Savage '00

Born and raised in Worcester, MA, Rachel developed a love for performing at a young age, both through her participation in children’s choir along with her parents' committed involvement in Worcester County Light Opera Club, an 85-year-old non-profit theater company here in the city of Worcester.  Their commitment led Rachel to that very stage where she has performed a number of times and has served as the Children’s Theater Workshop director for over a decade.

Rachel拥有华盛顿罗马音乐学院的音乐戏剧表演学位.C. She also holds a Master of Education in both Special Education and Administration & 领导能力强,在伍斯特公立学区工作了13年. 

Rachel Savage Yearbook photo

In addition to performing in the Central Mass and Boston area whenever time permits, 她是一名狂热的家庭厨师和两个非常好奇的孩子的母亲,他们让她非常忙碌. She is eternally grateful to her amazing husband and parents for their endless support which enables her to fully commit to her passion for education and performance.

Athletic Hall of Fame

Amy Gabrila

Amy Gabrila '93

Amy Gabrila ’93 is a proud graduate of Notre Dame Academy, Worcester.  Under the direction of coach Patty Provost, 艾米获得了全额体育奖学金,进入俄亥俄州立大学打曲棍球.  She received All Big 10 conference academic honors in ’96 and ’97 and graduated in 1998 with a BA in English and Film Studies. After graduation, she traveled to Mississippi to explore a different part of the country and start a career in the casino gaming industry.

She moved back to New England in 2000 to work at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, where she quickly advanced in the field of gaming management. In 2013, 艾米回到她心爱的俄亥俄州开了一家新的赌场,在那里她是不可或缺的发展, training, and operations.

Amy became a member of the inaugural GameSense Program in 2015, bringing her back to Massachusetts, where she works directly with gaming operators, regulators, organizations, legislators, 以及公众世界杯app赌博的教育,以及如何使其成为英联邦的安全活动. She has spoken about responsible gambling both nationally and internationally and has developed innovative adult learning content to help create an informed public. She has found a space where her passion for gaming and helping people meet. 她目前居住在马萨诸塞州韦尔,是米高梅斯普林菲尔德的区域游戏经理.

Maura Marshall McCarthy '80

在NDA期间,80年代的莫拉·马歇尔·麦卡锡担任了班级官员的领导角色. With her love of sports, she played basketball and softball, captaining both sports. During her senior year, she received the honor of being part of the Telegram and Gazette Central Mass All-Star Team in basketball and softball. Her love of the diamond was carried over to her time at Assumption College as the Greyhound’s first baseman for four years under coach Brian Kelly. 莫拉获得了社会康复与心理学硕士学位.

1985-1989年,莫拉回到NDA,在帕蒂·普雷斯特(Patty Provost)担任JV篮球教练和助理校队教练. Currently, Maura lives in Holden MA with her husband Bill. They have five wonderful children Kate, Kevin, Mary, Jojo, and Colin.

Maura McCarthy

Her youngest, Colin was born with special needs, 他的残疾为她的家庭打开了一个倡导世界的大门,并让她的一生都在参加特奥会. Maura became an advocate through the Federation of Children with Special Needs to not only help her family navigate the special education system but to also help others on their journey.

As a stay-at-home mother, Maura enjoyed the time she spent coaching her children at Jesse Burkett in Worcester and Holden Youth sports teams. Maura assisted her brother Jim and the Moylan family as they started the Challenger Baseball League at Worcester State University. This was by far Maura’s favorite coaching gig. “Angels in the Outfield” matched young athletes in the city with special needs athletes to learn and enjoy the game of baseball, every game ending with a dance party and newfound friendships.

Once her children were grown, Maura found her passion for home decor. Her love of painting and interior design led to the start of her own small business, “Colors by Maura,” transforming homes with beautiful colors, refurbished furniture, and newly painted cabinetry.

Notre Dame Academy continues to be a part of Maura’s life. 她在NDA期间建立的友谊多年来一直很牢固. While reminded often by Sr. Ann: “Is that Maura Marshall’s voice I hear echoing in the hallway?”

Her spirit will forever be… a “Rebel!”

Danielle Sikonski

Danielle Perron Sikonski '04

During her time at NDA, Danielle Perron Sikonski ’04 was a three-sport athlete playing field hockey, basketball, and spring track, captaining both the field hockey and basketball teams her senior year.  During this time the field hockey team won two consecutive state championships (2002 & 2003年)和NDA篮球队成为NDA历史上第一次地区冠军(2004年).  She was named NDA’s Outstanding Athlete her senior year.

After graduating from NDA, 丹妮尔就读于圣母升天学院,在那里她参加了大学曲棍球队. As a captain in her senior year, 她被评为球队的最有价值球员,并入选了NFHCA II级高级全明星赛.  

After graduating from Assumption College with a degree in Human Services, Danielle began working as Fundraising Events Manager at Why Me/Sherry’s House, 一个当地的非营利组织,为有癌症孩子的家庭提供支持服务.  During this time Danielle coached the NDA freshmen basketball team for 1 season and the JV field hockey team for 6 seasons.   

丹妮尔现在仍然在“为什么我”,担任该组织的家庭服务主任. 在这个职位上,她的职责包括与孩子的诊断家庭会面, coordinating support services and hospital outreach, and facilitating various support groups for families.  

多年来,丹妮尔一直担任许多NDA学生的“行动中的爱”导师. Additionally, she has come back to campus several times to share the important role Love in Action and Notre Dame Academy has played in her career. 

Danielle received an NDA Young Alumna Award in 2012. Worcester Magazine named her a Hometown Hero for her work at Why Me and in 2016 she was a recipient of the Worcester Rotary Club's Service Above Self Award. 丹妮尔和她的丈夫迈克尔有三个年幼的孩子威廉、克拉拉和露西.